Power Platform 2021 Wave 1 – My Favourite Features for Power Apps – Part 1

Multi-line text control automatically expands on quick view form

Quick view form, ever since it was released, has been a very useful feature to display data from a related record without copying or duplicating data to multiple tables. Quick view form does have some limitations but overall it has been a life saver in many recent projects I worked on. One of the key limitations we came across with our recent Power Apps solutions is that a multi-line cannot be formatted on a quick view form to display the content in full in a supported way.

Well with release of the 2020 Wave 1, a multi-line column on a quick view form now automatically expands to display the full content like how the multi-line of text column behaves on a main form.

Public Preview – Jan 24, 2021 | Early Access – N/A | General Availability – April 2021

If you check the properties of a multi-line of text column on classic form designer, there is no formatting tab, so you cannot disable this auto expand feature.

And if you check the properties for the same column on Power Apps portal modern form designer, you have the options to set the number of lines or to enable/disable auto-expand feature but these settings are ignored as of now. In the future, Microsoft might implement features to apply these settings but as of now, they don’t take effect.

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