Hyperlink of lookup column from a related table added to a view stopped working after Wave 2 update but there is a workaround

The Wave 2 updates for Power Platform and Dynamics 365 were rolled out to UK between 8th and 10 Oct. After the updates, few of our clients reported that hyperlinks of lookup columns from related table, on a view or subgrid stopped working for them.

To explain the issue in more detail, I created 3 test tables with the name Table A, Table B and Table C. Table A has a lookup column to Table B and Table B has lookup column Table C.

On the Active Table A view, I added the Lookup to B and added the Lookup to C from related Table B, please see the screenshot below

Double clicking on the row or clicking on hyperlink of Name column value opens the Table A record works as expected , same as how it worked on previous versions of the view control.

Clicking on the Table B Record hyperlink also works as expected, it opens the Table B Record.

But, clicking on the Table C Record hyperlink does not open the Table C Record, It used work fine before the Wave 2 update.

I checked if there are any environment/admin settings that would allow us to flip the switch and go back to using the previous version of the view control and did not find any. I also googled and could not find any useful link related to the issue.

Since most of the UCI controls are based on CCF/PCF, I checked if there are any other grid controls and found out there are two read-only grid controls, Read-Only Grid (Default) and Read-Only Grid. The view had the Read-Only Grid Default (This is the latest view control being used by all the views and subgrids) one set, and I changed it to use Read-Only Grid and tested it. It renders the previous version of the grid control and the hyperlink to Record C on the view works as expected.

The Power Platform / Dynamics 365 team @ Microsoft may already know about the issue or will come to know about it and they would most likely fix the hyperlink issue and roll out a patch soon. Until a fix is released, if you or any of your clients’ solution heavily rely on lookup column from a related table added to a view, you can use the workaround I described in this post to go back to the previous version of the grid control.