Power Platform 2021 Wave 1 – My Favourite Features for Power Apps – Part 3

Model-driven app adds in-app notifications

In most of the Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365 CE or Power platform projects I worked on, there were always requirements to display some sort of notification to the user in model-driven apps. Since there is no out of the box way of displaying notifications to users globally, we had to convince the customers to accept sending email or adding an item to the queue as the notification mechanism or form notifications. In some cases, we had to implement custom solutions, sometime using unsupported methods to display messages. There are third party solutions to display notifications but they do have limitations and obviously you have to pay for most of these. In short there was never an easy and supported way to display global notification to user.

All that is about to change with the release of in-app notifications for model driven apps as part of 2021 Wave 1 release. The feature will only be available for preview in April so I could not do any tests at this point but I will update this post once I have done some testing after the preview is released.

Public Preview – April 2021 | Early Access – N/A | General Availability – June 2021

What is in-app notification?

“Model-driven app in-app notifications are shown to users as a notification toast or notification centre. Notifications are directed to a specific user and can be sent through external systems, Power Automate, or from within the system”


Toast notification example

Notification Center

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