Power Platform 2021 Wave 1 – My Favourite Features – Power Automate

01. Search records in Microsoft Dataverse using relevance search

This feature allows to perform the Relevance Search from Power Automate cloud flows. The results returned in this search will be similar to what you will get when you search using the global search box in the navigation bar on Dataverse.

Public Preview – Not Announced | Early Access – March 2021 | General Availability – June 2021

“With this feature, you can create cloud flows that include a Microsoft Dataverse action to search records using relevance search, which is an AI-based fuzzy search that’s built on Azure Cognitive Search. Apart from basic cross-entity search, this action provides support for matches based on Lucene query syntax. This gives you capabilities like Boolean operators, wildcards, fuzzy search, proximity search, term boosting and regex matching.”


02. Trigger flows when a Microsoft Dataverse action is called

Traditionally, we write plugins to execute custom logics on Action events but cannot trigger a classic workflow when an action is performed. With this new feature addition to Cloud flows, we will be able to create flow that trigger when an action is executed. This will be a very handy feature especially when we are adopting to more and more low-code or no code development.

Public Preview – Not Announced | Early Access – March 2021 | General Availability – June 2021

With this feature, you will be able to create flows that trigger when an action is performed in Microsoft Dataverse. This feature improves working with the common events model and even provides better integration with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.


03. Manage solution-based flows

When we go to My Flows area on maker portal, it lists only the flows that are not part of any solution. Normally we will have our cloud flows spread in multiple solutions depending on what solution strategy we follow. In these scenarios, we will have to find the right solution and open the flow from there or we have to check in default solution if our flows are scattered in too many different solutions and if we do not remember which one is in which. Well, with the 2021 Wave 1, we no longer have to navigate to too many different places to find our cloud flows, all of them are going to be listed under My Flows.

Public Preview – April 2021 | Early Access – Not Announced | General Availability – Not Announced

Makers can create and manage solution-based flows in the My flows experience, along with flows that are not in solutions. Here, makers can quickly add any flow into a solution.


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